Carla Pregel Hoderlein

Trend Seminar, Strategic Partnerships Research field: Data-driven entrepreneurship for sustainable development

Carla Pregel Hoderlein studied Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (M.Sc.) focusing on Life Science, Bio- and Neuro-Engineering. She completed a second master's in Management (M.Sc.) at the Technical University Munich to position herself at the intersection of Technology & Business.

During her studies Carla worked as part of the data analysis team for several tech start-ups in the areas of medical technologies, environmental sustainability, and future of work. Furthermore, she explored impact consulting and impact investing.

Her passion for leveraging technology and innovation to create a positive environmental and societal impact, led her to join the CDTM Management Team in June 2021. Carla is responsible for the Trend Seminar and the Strategic Partnerships Taskforce. In her research, she wants to analyse with a data-driven approach how entrepreneurship can support the sustainable development of developing countries.