Cyrine Chaabani

ImpactUp Innolabs (Powered by CDTM), MPD
Research field: AI Explainability, Fairness and Accountability

Cyrine Chaabani studied Electrical engineering (B.Sc.) and Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence (M.Sc.) both at the Technical University of Munich. Alongside her studies, Cyrine worked in both Data Science/Business Intelligence and Computer Vision/Natural Language Processing fields. Furthermore, she was part of the research team at Microsoft for two years, where she worked on improving the Speech-to-text and Text-to-Speech models used for German and its dialects. Parallel to her studies, Cyrine spends part of her free time working with the Global Shapers on projects in the climate and mental health areas in collaboration with the TUM Think Tank and volunteering with the local Leo Club in Munich. In Fall 2022, Cyrine joined CDTM as a student, and in August 2023 she became part of the CA team.

Cyrine is currently responsible for MPD and Innolabs. She has not yet settled on a PhD topic, but is investigating AI explainability, fairness and accountability.