Dr. Rodrigo Rivera

In 2009, before applying for CDTM, I read in the alumni section the headline "Friendships for life" and thought it to be a cliche. Thirteen years later, in 2022, I agree wholeheartedly with the statement.

Up to this date, I have been in touch with most peers from the Fall 2009 class. Over the years, thanks to CDTM, I met my cofounders, valuable business partners and relevant connections.

CDTM has been a source of inspiration in my research. I have always followed a multidisciplinary approach combining machine-learning techniques enabling non-technical users. Through CDTM, I learned how to address others outside my field, empathise with their problems and develop solutions jointly.

What amazes me about CDTM is the consistency and like-mindedness of the cohorts. I can chat with a student from an active class and immediately connect with the person. We are driven by the same curiosity, have similar interests and are always there for a fellow Centerling. I know that wherever I go in the world, I can always reach out to a Centerling, and I will receive positive feedback.

I will always remain bound to CDTM!