Samuel Valenzuela

Digital Changmaker (DCM), Center Life Taskforce
Research field: Machine learning techniques for market research

Samuel Valenzuela studied Informatics: Games Engineering (B.Sc.) and Informatics (M.Sc.) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). During this time, he joined the "TUM: Junge Akademie", TUM's scholarship program dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary research projects, both as a scholarship holder and later as a tutor.

In parallel to his studies, Samuel also completed several internships in which he took on various roles from a software engineer at Amazon Web Services in Dublin, Ireland, to a management consultant at Bain & Company.

Samuel joined the CDTM management team in September 2023. He is responsible for the Digital Changemaker course as well as the Center Life taskforce. In his research, he plans to look into machine learning techniques for market research with a focus on self-supervised representation learning.