Vera Eger

ImpACTup!, Community Engagement Taskforce
Research field: Human-Computer Interaction, psychological health and well-being

Vera Eger studied Psychology (M.A.) at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich and recently completed her M.Sc. in Business-, Organizational-, and Social Psychology at Cambridge University in the UK. During her studies, Vera gained experience in strategic communication and project management at the Siemens AI lab.

In between Vera worked full-time as an Innovation Consultant for UnternehmerTUM in Munich leading customer projects in entrepreneurial and digital education.

Vera joined the CDTM management team in July of 2022. At CDTM she is responsible for the Community Engagement Taskforce as well as abroad relations. For her PhD she is interested in topics related to human-computer interaction and psychological well-being.