Sustainability Landscape 2022

Food, Agriculture & Forestry

Since Food, Agriculture and Forestry are naturally conservative sectors, sustainable solutions offer huge possibilities. How we engage with our environment and what we eat will be re-defined.

Our investment hypothesis is driven by:

1 Carbon removal
  •     Agritech & forestrytech offer high remediation potential with new natural carbon removal technologies and regenerative farming methods (38% of all land is used for agriculture and 31% for forestry) (carbon capture technologies are specified under remediation)
  •     Open space for enabling technologies and approaches such as monitoring & tracking systems based on advanced technological approaches eg. computer vision using satellites for forestry health improvements
2 Alternative proteins
  •     In the food, agri and forestry space, we see the highest activity in the alternative protein subsegment
  •     Broad range of technological approaches with different levels of technological readiness
  •     Ranging from scaling plant-based approaches to rather long-term technologically and research-intense new products
  •     Trend: away from substitution to actual protein cultivation
3 Alternative packaging and circular economy
  •     Need to reduce wasteful packaging addressed through reusable packaging, recycled or biodegradable materials
  •     Circular economy is taking first steps through reusable packaging solutions
  •     Many public initiatives regarding waste reduction open up space for alternative solutions
  •     Recycling and biodegradable materials compete regarding long-term prevailing impact based on ability to achieve technological mass scalability