Trend Seminar

An entire CDTM class of students from interdisciplinary backgrounds conducts holistic trend research over seven week (full-time) related to a specific topic. An extensive trend analysis leads to the creation of four future scenarios as well as five innovative business models. You are looking for external input on digital trends and disruptive business models? Get in touch with us.

How Trend Seminar Works

  • 25 young innovators from interdisciplinary backgrounds will tackle your central question in three phases over seven weeks: The Basic Phase, the Scenario Phase, and the Ideation Phase.
  • You can expect to get a holistic overview of current trends and future scenarios as well as ideas for future-proof digital business models.
  • The topic and scope of the project can be customized to your needs.
  • Results are captured in an interactive trend report providing an ideal knowledge basis for subsequent discussions.
  • Input sessions by experts and regular coaching ensure a fast deep-dive into the topic and equip the students with the necessary knowledge and tools to work on the project.

Example Projects

  • Independent Living for the Elderly – Alley VBMC value based managed care
  • The Future of Public Administration – Tech4Germany and Work4Germany
  • The Future of Parenting – Better Ventures Group
  • Fighting Hunger in the Digital Era – UN World Food Programme
  • Creating and Sustaining Healthy Habits – Adidas Anticipation
  • Future of Entrepreneurship in Bavaria – Zentrum Digitalisierung Bayern
  • Sensor-Based Authentication – Siemens
  • Future of Individual Mobility – Audi

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Facts & Figures

  • 1 exclusive project
  • 25 students per project
  • 2  supervising PhD candidates
  • 7 weeks project time
  • 5 disruptive business models
  • 1 trend report
Sebastian Sartor


Andre Hainzlmaier

Audi Electronics Venture, Audi AG

“I was impressed by the creativity of the students and their enthusiasm for the project. […]Working with the students was extremely inspiring and also helped to step back and question the basic assumptions that are predominant in the industry. […] The work with the CDTM really showed the benefits of interdisciplinary and diversity to innovation. In order to come up with radically new lines of thought you have to create the kind of creative abrasion that is the basic idea behind the CDTM.”

Martin Birkner

Siemens AG

„The joint trend seminar […] has been a great success. We highly appreciated the motivation and professionalism of the students, something you cannot always expect at this level in such projects. […] Not just the results but also the discussions with the students have been very inspiring for us. […] Actually, we did not just use the results for defining R&D projects but also hired some of the students for internships and full-time employments.“