Managing Product Development (MPD) is a project-based course throughout twelve weeks. Six teams of CDTM students focus on designing and developing new products and services including problem analyses, understanding customer needs and prototyping innovative products and services.

How MPD Works

  • As a project partner you have the chance to bring in your topic of interest. A team of 4-5 innovators from interdisciplinary backgrounds will work one day a week on your topic and turn it into a product vision and an accompanying business case.
  • You can expect a functional prototype and an elaborated product vision  including all outcomes of the product development lifecycle.
  • You can expect your team to jointly work one day per week on your topic based on an agile product development approach.  
  • Results are publicly presented at a demo day at CDTM.
  • During weekly skill building sessions and additional coaching, students get equipped with necessary knowledge and tools to work on the project

Example Projects

  • Virtual assistants in airline maintenance processes
  • Leveraging AR to improve the lives of dementia patients
  • Automated trend aggregation for media content creators
  • Sensor-based predictive maintenance for industrial pumps
  • Digitizing farming processes through satellite imagery

Facts & Figures

  • 6 projects each semester
  • 2 project starts per year
  • 4-5 students per team
  • 12 weeks project time
  • 6 prototypes
  • 1 demo day


Julia Balowski


Sasha Paul


“We have really enjoyed the experience of working with such a talented team of the CDTM. We are proud to say, that we have never had so much fun while getting so many things done in such a short time. The final product is an ambitious outlook to the future. The heroic efforts of every single team member made this project a real success story.”