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Changing payment and mobility forever.

ryd (formerly ThinxNet) is a fast growing IoT / FinTech start-up that puts the digital future on the road. ryd is a connected car platform focusing on ryd pay and ryd box. ryd pay is the largest cross-brand solution for mobile payments directly at the gas pump. The ryd box, an OBD2 connector, turns every car into a SmartCar. ryd makes driving better and more comfortable, whether at the gas station, for individuals and connected company fleets or as an innovative telematics solution for insurers.
ryd pay is a European ecosystem. With ryd pay, payment is made directly via app at the fuel pump or in the car. Therefore, going into the petrol station shop becomes unnecessary. In addition to our own ryd app as a direct channel, the company enables third parties such as navigation apps, in-car payment from car manufacturers or apps to use the pay@pump features via an API or SDK implementation.

Founded in: 2014

CDTM Founders: Johannes Martens

From the CDTM classes: Winter 2005