Logo of twinu


Digital twins for everyone and everything.

Twinu is a blockchain-backed platform for digital twins. By applying semantic web and cryptographic technologies it acts as a bridge between web2 and web3, providing data processing, interoperability, and automation while reducing complexities and costs.

Twinu allows users to create, manage, and share their own digital twins of anything they value – from their favorite watch to their bike. Based on NFTs and smart contracts, they can share their digital twins in the web3 ecosystem.

Twinu helps companies to revolutionize the way they interact with their customers throughout the product lifecycle. It enables brands to stay in touch with their community, from the moment of product drop to after-sales.

Founded in: 2021

CDTM Founders: Christian Adler, Alexis Gamboa

From the CDTM classes: Winter 2004, Spring 2020