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Digital solutions for cardiovascular diseases.

Vantis unites health enthusiasts, product fanatics, techies, and medical experts all for one mission: to develop scalable solutions for millions of patients with cardiovascular diseases - the #1 healthcare challenge worldwide.
Cardiovascular diseases are chronic and cannot be cured by a single intervention (such as stent or bypass). Therefore, a crucial factor for the success of therapy is the patient's involvement and continuation of treatment outside the doctor's room. For this reason, optimal patient involvement takes a central role in Vantis' therapy. Vantis developed a program based on the highest medical standards while keeping it as easy as possible for patients to use. Anyone with a smartphone can use the application.

Founded in: 2020

CDTM Founders: Maximilian Rödel, Kevin Wiesner

From the CDTM classes: Summer 2005, Summer 2009