The Leading Study Program for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Each semester about 25 students from interdisciplinary study backgrounds join the CDTM. The honors degree ‘Technology Management’ is an add-on study program that offers credits in a variety of domains. Through seminars on trend research, product development, and entrepreneurship, students gain hands-on experience that they can readily apply beyond the CDTM. Studies abroad at renowned partner universities in Asia, Europe, and North America are an integral part of the curriculum, emphasizing the high degree of internationality of the program.

In addition to the academic opportunities, students gain access to an active network of alumni, academics, and professionals, and become part of a lifelong community of highly motivated and talented peers.

Fall 2017


The interdisciplinary and international background of students is a key element to the CDTM experience. It fosters mutual learning and enriches the projects with multiple perspectives. While students at the CDTM often come from Business or Tech-related study backgrounds, we encourage students from any study background to apply!


“Learning by doing” is at CDTM’s core. Students work in teams to solve real-world problems presented by business partners. This gives students a playground to apply methods taught in CDTM workshops and their main studies. Students learn to curiously ask questions, proactively create ideas, and jointly implement solutions.


Team-based projects, lectures, and workshops cover the latest trends in business and technology. The three core modules guide students through the development lifecycle of a product or service innovation. Courses at CDTM are taught by expert lecturers in research, industry, public institutions and the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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