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Our generation is facing unprecedented challenges with the tremendous changes in our personal and professional lives. In this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, we need more collaboration across lines because none of us will be able solve the problems alone. This is especially true when it comes to climate change and regenerating our economy and society into long-term sustainable systems. 

At the Center, we have many initiatives, projects, and events where we share our experiences. However, we have a lot to learn from others outside of the CDTM. That is why the CDTM Climate Club in 2019 initiated a collaboration with 180 Degrees Consulting, Manage&More, and Enactus on the topic of sustainability. Representatives from each of the student organisations have come together and are working to offer workshops, lectures and networking between the students. We are all passionate about the topic and have experiences from our projects, so why not join forces and learn from each other?

What is the CDTM Climate Club?

A student initiative with the mission to empower CDTM to contribute to limiting climate catastrophe. We have set ourselves 3 targets for 2020 to systematically change the CDTM to become a forerunner in climate action. With more than 110 members in our slack channel we share resources&tips, and connect engaged centerlings. Read more about how the Climate Club started here.

In December 2019, we organised our first workshop with the sustainability consultancy Systemiq on “System Change Towards a Circular Economy”. Almost 50 people participated and the workshop was well received. The collaboration continued this semester and we invited the Social Entrepreneurship Academy (SEA) to host a virtual workshop on “Make a difference, but do it right! Creating and understanding impact”. This time we also spent more time on connecting the students and sharing our experiences in breakout sessions. We are already looking forward to our next collaboration events that we are planning, hopefully also meeting each other in person. Stay tuned!

The problems that we are facing are too large for us to solve by ourselves, and this collaboration is just a step in the right direction. If you have any ideas, feedback or would like to partner with us, please reach out to us on


Gyri Reiersen (Spring 2019) and Carla Pregel Hoderlein (Spring 2019) on behalf of the CDTM Climate Club

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