First-ever CDTM scavenger hunt


Did you see these groups of people running around Maxvorstadt, following some clues, or getting lost, and solving challenges on a sunny day last August? People Ops and Center Life Taskforce joined forces to create the first-ever CDTM Scavenger Hunt. And it was a lot of fun! The CDTM [...]

First-ever CDTM scavenger hunt2021-12-15T17:12:54+01:00

IoT Hardware Prototype Elective 2021


IoT hardware prototyping elective Blog post 30/7/2021 Structure: Intro Ideation CAD Design Basics of 3D printing Basics of microcontrollers Basics of programming Basics of crowdfunding and visual product representation How did this course affect me? What is the CDTM?   The IoT(Internet of Things) Hardware prototyping elective is one [...]

IoT Hardware Prototype Elective 20212021-12-15T17:08:31+01:00

Centerlings Down Under


The Urban Informatics Research Lab at the Queensland University of Technology is one of CDTM’s partner programs for a semester abroad. Some of you might wonder, What is Urban Informatics? Urban Informatics is at the intersection of people, places, and technology. By definition it is an interdisciplinary field drawing from many [...]

Centerlings Down Under2019-06-09T18:17:40+02:00

Centerling working on Autonomous Cars for Everyone


A journey into the future is being worked on by Centerling Felix Naser (Class of Fall 2015). Felix believes in the future of intelligent and autonomous mobility. To achieve his goal he is currently working with two Toyota Prius cars with his colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In [...]

Centerling working on Autonomous Cars for Everyone2019-06-09T18:12:01+02:00

CDTM Research Stories: Resident Machine Learning Expert


The resident expert in Machine Learning at CDTM is Center Assistant Patrick Christ. He was the one responsible for organizing and conducting the elective courses on Deep learning as well as Autonomous Drones. However his interest in Machine Learning is not just superficial as he is currently doing his [...]

CDTM Research Stories: Resident Machine Learning Expert2019-06-09T18:09:31+02:00

Deep Learning @ CDTM


Machine learning is the new black. If "software was eating the world" as the Netscape co-founder and renowned venture capitalist, Marc Andreessen famously said, than surely machine learning and smart apps are responsible for putting all that digital goodness to practical use. These smart systems take in raw input [...]

Deep Learning @ CDTM2019-06-09T17:52:57+02:00
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