IoT Hardware Prototype Elective 2021


IoT hardware prototyping elective Blog post 30/7/2021 Structure: Intro Ideation CAD Design Basics of 3D printing Basics of microcontrollers Basics of programming Basics of crowdfunding and visual product representation How did this course affect me? What is the CDTM?   The IoT(Internet of Things) Hardware prototyping elective is one [...]

IoT Hardware Prototype Elective 20212021-12-15T17:08:31+01:00

Effective Organization Building


Building an effective organization is a huge challenge and 90% of startups fail in the attempt to do so. Although there is always lots of luck involved, there are also some principles and frameworks that might make this attempt more structured and successful. And who could talk about these [...]

Effective Organization Building2021-12-15T17:18:14+01:00

Conscious leadership and meditation


Living in a time when we are constantly busy and look towards the next big thing we want to achieve, it is difficult to stay present and live in the moment. This highly affects our leadership style and how we communicate and work with others, but at the same [...]

Conscious leadership and meditation2021-12-15T17:25:33+01:00



At the center, we are surrounded by motivated and curious people who usually have too many things at once on their plate and only realize they shouldn´t have taken on the next side project when it is too late. Together with Julian Geuder from bridgingpositions, a recurring guest at [...]

SELF LEADERSHIP BACKBONE AT CDTM WITH bridgingpositions2021-11-30T14:38:22+01:00

Interface Aesthetics – CDTM Elective 2020


Again, in 2020 this elective inspired from a lecture of UC Berkeley was offered to active students and Alumni at CDTM. In a very interdisciplinary setting ranging from designers to complete newbies to the topic the course offered four input lectures and assignments to practice the theory. At CDTM [...]

Interface Aesthetics – CDTM Elective 20202021-11-30T14:38:22+01:00

Self Leadership Backbone at CDTM with Bridgingpositions


We, as Centerlings, are invariably occupied and handling countably many responsibilities at once. Studies, projects, work, and our personal life ask for our attention every day. We are constantly running from one appointment to the next, while our daily routine leaves no space to contemplate whether our endeavors will [...]

Self Leadership Backbone at CDTM with Bridgingpositions2020-06-03T14:27:35+02:00

Social Health Entrepreneurship Elective


What is Social Entrepreneurship? Social Entrepreneurship has become increasingly popular during the last few years with over half of the social enterprises in the US founded in 2006 or later.[1] Also, the CDTM is focusing more and more on the social aspects of businesses and how to have a [...]

Social Health Entrepreneurship Elective2020-03-27T18:30:48+01:00

Getting To Know Social Entrepreneurship in Berlin


In 2018, the federal government has found that around 7.8 million people in Germany are severely disabled [1]. Were you aware that these people face enormous problems in their everyday lives and often feel excluded from society when they cannot access the same places that you go to every [...]

Getting To Know Social Entrepreneurship in Berlin2019-10-10T11:52:33+02:00

Mindfulness in Business – The Conscious Management Elective


Mindfulness in business and mindful management – that's what the Conscious Management Elective at CDTM was all about. The course was conducted by Thomas Bleyer and Dr. med. Markus Deutschmann. One of the several great aspects of CDTM, students can gain a multitude of experiences under the same roof. The [...]

Mindfulness in Business – The Conscious Management Elective2021-01-25T17:25:00+01:00

Exploring Universal Basic Income – a Center Study


Almost everybody wants it and almost nobody knows how to implement it: Universal Basic Income (UBI). The idea that every human gets a fixed income without any conditions. A brave idea which challenges our traditional idea of work, career and leisure. While following the public discussion one can see that [...]

Exploring Universal Basic Income – a Center Study2019-06-09T17:18:45+02:00
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