The Future of Wastemanagement – Trendseminar Fall2021


25 Trends, 250 ideas, and 5 Business Ideas When the future' me' will look back on my journey as an Innovator, I am sure that the Trend Seminar on the Future of Wastemanagement will be a core experience on this path. The Trend Seminar gave me the tools and confidence [...]

The Future of Wastemanagement – Trendseminar Fall20212021-12-18T18:17:56+01:00

Recycling – 5 things you should know about your waste


Recycling – 5 things you should know about your waste In recent years, many of us have become more conscious of our purchasing decisions. We started carefully considering the details of the products we buy and we are often happy to pay double the price if a tag says [...]

Recycling – 5 things you should know about your waste2021-11-30T14:38:22+01:00

Sustainability Landscape 2021


CDTM empowers the innovators of tomorrow to solve pressing real-world problems. We are convinced that climate change is one of the biggest challenges we are currently facing. It thus comes as no surprise that tackling climate change is a topic dear to our hearts as Centerlings. In 2018, the [...]

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Like many of you might have heard, on October 9th, 2020 the CDTM Charity Run –Beirut Edition– took place. It all began as a random idea when we thought that it would be nice to have a real running competition again because all official events got cancelled due to [...]

WE RUN FOR BEIRUT2021-11-30T14:41:02+01:00

Boosting student’s mental health – Center Venture 2020


As almost every year, this year the CDTM offered the popular Center Venture elective again. Despite the challenging situation due to COVID-19, the two-week elective in a hackathon format took place in a hybrid setting resulting in two impactful project outcomes. Following past topics such as entrepreneurship in robotics [...]

Boosting student’s mental health – Center Venture 20202021-11-30T14:38:23+01:00

Arnold Picot †


Arnold Picot passed away unexpectedly on July 9th 2017. An emeritus of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich Arnold Picot was one of the initiators and founders and member of the board of Directors of the Center for Digital Technology & Management.Professor Picot will be remembered as a brilliant mind with a [...]

Arnold Picot †2019-06-09T17:21:19+02:00
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