Management Team Alumni2023-05-02T23:44:11+02:00


Tom Schelo

2022-07-12T10:13:49+02:00CDTM responsibilities: Entrepreneurship Laboratory
Marketing and Branding| Email:|

Michael Fröhlich

2023-05-02T23:27:30+02:00CDTM responsibilities: Management Team Alumnus Research field: (1) Usability of Blockchain Systems, (2) Impact of Entrepreneurship Education | Email:|

Philipp Hofsommer

2023-05-02T23:34:14+02:00CDTM responsibilities: Trend Seminar, Strategic Partnerships
Research field: Entrepreneurial Finance, Performance Drivers of Venture Capital (VC)| Email:|

Philipp Hulm

2023-05-02T23:34:51+02:00CDTM responsibilities: Trend Seminar, Community Engagement
Research field: Supra-Regional and Integrated Energy Markets| Email:|

Cyrine Chaabani

2024-03-05T17:55:58+01:00CDTM responsibilities: ImpactUp Innolabs (Powered by CDTM), MPD
Research field: AI Explainability, Fairness and Accountability| Email:|

Elizaveta Felsche

2024-03-04T14:24:38+01:00CDTM responsibilities: Entreprenuership Laboratory (eLab), Marketing and Branding
Research field: Predictability and dynamics of extreme weather events| Email:|

Aaron Defort

2023-09-18T21:21:19+02:00CDTM responsibilities: Entreprenuership Laboratory (eLab), Entrepreneurship Education
Research field: Entrepreneurial networks and peer-support| Email:|

Theresa Doppstadt

2024-03-04T14:25:33+01:00CDTM responsibilities: Managing Product Development (MPD), People Ops Taskforce
Research field: Responsible innovation for food systems| Email:|

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